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Psychological Transformation

Quantum Healing Hypnoses – QHHT (individual or as group regression)

The original technique of the late Dolores Cannon, brings you into the somnambulistic state, the theta level of brain state. It’s a very safe method, as your brain naturally is in this state twice a day in this deep state of hypnosis (just before wakingand just before falling asleep). This is usually a one-off session, which can last anywhere between 5 to 8 hours in one session. The session consists of interview/counselling part, the actual hypnosis (has two subsections: past/future regression and contacting higher self) and the final debrief of conclusion. You will a bring list of questions you may be seeking the answers to and together we will go through them. The results are truly amazing if one listens to the guidance that is brought through. Do you need help with healing on physical, psychological or soul level? Or perhaps searching for some spiritual guidance? This session may truly benefit you. For further details contact me directly, as well as you may find more information on https://www.qhhtofficial.com/about-us/ . Price is £222. This session is conducted face to face and can be combined with other holistic modalities.

For groups/corporations there is also a group regression which can be a nice part of team building or motivation. It can be done in person, or via Zoom. I talk a bit about the technique, possibilities and then guide the session either to analyse the past, or future. Price depends on location and number of people. Please contact me directly to tailor the best and most effective group session possible.

Past Life Regression

Are you curious about your past lives? Do you have a memories or dreams that you can’t explain? Would you like to get more esoteric information, or your starseed background? This is a hypnosis session that will take you to your deeper consciousness in order to retrieve memories stored in the right side of brain. Unlike in QHHT where the focus is on well-being and problem solution, this is rather fun experience, and does not requiring counselling or therapy. The session takes 3 to 4 hours, and can be combined with other holistic modalities. Price is £150.

Beyond Quantum Healing – BQH

This is yet another consciousness exploration method, founded by Candace Craw-Goldman, who worked very closely with Dolores Cannon. The main difference between QHHT and BQH is in the structure. QHHT is very much set according to traditional practices, BQH gives more room for the practitioner to use individual unique skills set when conducting the session. Would you like to improve your physical health, get emotional balance, find your life path or purpose? Do you have that calling to explore your star origins, esoteric, or learn more about your soul? This is advancement self-healing method, which can get you a deeper connection to spiritual understanding. This session is tailored to your needs, and can be done online via ZOOM or Skype, as well as face to face. Similar as QHHT, it consists of interview, hypnosis and debrief.
For further details contact me directly, as well as you may find more information on https://www.quantumhealers.com/bqh . Price is £222. This session is conducted face to face and can be combined with other holistic modalities.

Usui Reiki

Traditional Reiki, founded in early twenties century by Japanese Mikao Usui, using non-intrusive gentle hand placements on or near body (can be also done distantly), in order to channel the life force universal energy into the client. Nevertheless, Reiki as an energy has been around from the beginning of time. This technique brings you balance, harmony and may assist in self-healing. It’s commonly used in America and Asia as a support treatment for conventional practices in hospitals, due to its positive impact on patients. It may help your body on physical, emotional andspiritual level. It balances your energetic centres (chakras) and helps to restore the natural flow of prana/chi/life force. It can be used to harmonise you before your major events, competitions, exams, pregnancies, child birth, supports life style choices as healthy nutrition/exercise and much more. This technique is also great for children, animals and elderly people getting ready for end-of-life as it brings lot of comfort andpromotes peace and acceptance. There are no contra-indications for Reiki. The session takes 1.5 – 3 hours, price is £60.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a modality which again uses lifeforce universal energy, as well as various high dimensional energies with the superior frequency. Channelled by Kevin Core in 2003 from Archangel Metatron, this technique is newer and in accordance with current happenings world-wide. As our planet enters a new cycle, the energy and needs of people alter too. Our consciousness is ever expending and people’s spiritual awareness is ready for expansion. Angelic Reiki can be done in person, as well as distantly. Unlike in Usui Reiki where there is intuitive various hand placement on your body, here I use only one position. I become a pure channel of most appropriate high dimensional light energies, which guide your healing. In this state I often channel the messages which are direct for you or your wellbeing. This technique may support your
personal healing, spiritual journey, open up your talents, bring harmony and balance, emotional healing, decrease stress and anxiety, support during pregnancy, supports life style choices and healthy habits, may reveal your life’s purpose and much more. This technique is also great for children, animals, and elderly people getting ready for end-of-life as it brings lot of comfort and promotes peace and acceptance. There are no contra-indications for Reiki. The session takes 2-3 hours, price is £77.

Crystal Therapy

Healing with aid of crystals is an ancient technique that utilises the natural high vibration of crystals to improve your health and wellbeing. This is a very relaxing technique which may restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Depending on your problem or need, I will intuitively select the most appropriate crystals and place them on your body. On many occasions, while I’m channelling energy into your body, I might also channel various intuitive messages if needed. Crystal therapy may help you with pains, flu/cold, immunity, blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, stress, concentration, depression, balance, energy boost, healing, spirituality development and much more.

The session takes 1.5 – 3 hours, price is £60.

Energy Healing

Everything is energy; hence your surroundings, life style, work, mood; all contributes into construction of your electro-magnetic field. Emotional balance is the key for a healthy body. If you struggle with your day-to-day life, or you stressed and anxious; simple energy healing can do wonders for you. Contact me directly and together we can construct the most appropriate method for you. This can be achieved with the aid of yoga, meditation, crystals, Reiki, hypnoses, or all of the above. Every person is individual and unique, therefore also the best program should be tailored accordingly. The time and price of the session depends on all of the above (starting at £60 per session). It can be taken in person, or online.

Meditation Tuition

This is a great choice for individual, group, or corporate company. Now more than ever it’s important to quiet the ego mind and receive guidance from our inner self. As they say, the only way out, is in. Meditation is an inevitable part of our daily/weekly psycho-hygiene in a modern time full of stress. In this state of consciousness (usually alpha brain waves), we go deep within ourselves, focus the mind, eliminate outer influences, and awaken deep peace and relaxation. The improvements of overall physical and psychological beings are well known. Nevertheless, many people hesitate to start due to a lack of knowledge about this modality. Let me teach you in four sessions the basics of various meditation techniques. I go over four levels of meditation; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Further I explain body’s energy centres, breathwork, tools for meditation, and more. Each session could be also concluded with guided visualisation or meditation. For corporations this can be put together as one off event. The price warries depending if there is a tuition part, or just guided mediation; number of sessions, number of participants, and premises where the event takes place. (starting at £50 per session). Can be taken online via Zoom or in person.

Corporate Mindfulness

Looking for a fun team building exercise for your workplace through body-mind-soul development? Book a one off workshop or a set of regular fitness / mindfullness classes. Can be offered for various size of teams, or even as 1-2-1 personal coaching within your own premises or an off-site location. The most popular programmes are Pilates, Yoga, Mindfullness/Meditation, QHHT group regression, and nutrition and conscious eating. Other options include group past or future regression, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Release Stress, Increase Productivity, Psychohygiene. We can work together to design the right program tailored to your goal and specifications. Price varies dependant on frequency of trainings, number of participants, and travel costs. For details, please enquire directly.

Chakra Alignment

Chakras are the body’s energy centres. Each centre is like a mini brain and it correlates with appropriate organs in the area. The centres can get blocked or misalign by stress, various emotions (anger, grief, resentment, anxiety fear, guilt, shame, lies, judgement etc), lifestyle, or addictions. The moment even one of the energy centres is out of alignment, your life force energy is restricted in its natural flow. This then further manifests in the body in form of physical issue. The moment we realise emotional stress, we help to bring body back to balance. Alignment can be done via various modalities (Guided Meditation, Usui or Angelic Reiki, Crystal Therapy, QHHT, BQH, Yoga), hence let’s discuss the most appropriate one for you. Please enquire directly, the price will depend on time, modality and number of sessions (starting from £50 per session).


Breathwork might be a new age practice, nevertheless the origins are deeply rooted in constitution of yoga. Furthermore, breath is truly fundamental essence of life which flows through our existence. Those who master their breath, can master their core being and own existence.
There are various breathing techniques which we can use during this session, including rebirthing. These techniques may help you with deep healing of physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Through conscious control of breath, we are able to control blood flow, respiratory flow, energy flow; removing various blockages within the body. The main aim is to return the body into deep, slow, cleansing breath we use to have as a new born. This in return may help in healing of inner body, ‘inner child’, past emotional trauma, personal and co-dependant issues, and reverse the build-up of stress incurred during lifetime. Part of the session is brief interview/ counselling, and then the actual breathwork. Session can be done in person or online via Zoom (starting from £50 per session).

Oracle Cards and Angel Tarot Guidance

This can be a great help when you need to make a decision with a certain situation or event; or just simply ask various questions in regards to your life guidance. Please note, that this modality is for entertainment purpose, and I will not be making any decisions on your behalf. As quantum theories teaches us, reality depends on the observer, and as such you are the ultimate creator of your life. I give my clients guidance through the cards and together we examine all viable options with their outcome. This modality can be further combined with my other practices depending on your needs. The price starts at £40. The session usually takes an hour and can be done in person or via Zoom.

Spiritual Coaching

Are you new to awakening, ascension, 5D reality, New Earth theories, quantum fields/hologram, manifestation, Angels, starseeds, extraterrestrial beings, working on your third eye opening, or just taken on a spiritual journey? Then this coaching is for you. I remembered when I started, how overwhelming this area can get. Let’s coach you to best utilise your knowledge/gifts in your life or career. I present you the basic ground-work for where to start; then suggest you various authors, channelers, books, courses, or modalities according to your needs. I help you to navigate through your current situation and aid you to improve your understanding of where you stand within your quantum energy field. This is one hour session, the number of sessions needed depends on the level of your basic knowledge.

Price starts at £50 and is discounted by the number of sessions. Can be taken in person or online via Zoom.

Mindfulness and Life Coaching

Are you struggling with emotional stress, anxiety, depression, feeling lost, your life purpose, or simply just need to talk to someone who truly listens? Or perhaps you are at a crossroad looking for new ways to improve your everyday living? Then, this session is for you. We discuss your issues in detail and together find the right solution to improve your life/lifestyle. I present you the basic ground-work for where to start; then suggest you various authors, books, courses, or modalities according to your needs. I help you to navigate through current situation and aid you to improve your understanding of current situation. The aim of the session is to bring your life back to balance and create a positive solution. This is one hour session, the number of sessions needed depends on individual needs. Price starts at £50 and depends on further modalities taken if necessary. Can be done in person or online via Zoom.

Online Virtual Counselling/Coaching

This is for individuals, groups, corporations, gyms, or wellness centres. Please refer to above sections of QHHT, BQH, Past Life Regression, Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Energy Healing, Meditation Tuition, Corporate Mindfulness, Chakra Alignment, Breathwork, Oracle Cards and Angel Tarot, Spiritual Coaching, Mindfulness and Life Coaching. Please contact me directly and together we tailor the best program possible. Let’s make your soul shine again. 

Prices starts from £50.

Mind and Soul Workshops

You can book a face-to-face workshop for your gym, workplace, mindfulness/yoga studio, or just with a group of friends. I sporadically offer workshops in Kiss Gyms on topics like conscious nutrition, Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and more. Some workshops are also with other organisers, or I invite a guest to my workshop. The topics varies, but often we concentrate to gain emotional balance, productivity, manifestation, sound healing, meditation tuition, chakra balancing, learning about energy centres, stress reduction, breathwork and taking power back in ones’ own hands. Follow me on social media for details. I offer regular monthly workshops (usually the first weekend of each month) online on TwitchTv via Heartspacekat channel. Topics are based on body-mind-soul themes and I often have an interesting guest to share their expertise. You can interact and ask questions through live chat during these events. My online workshops are offered with an optional donation, for more detail please refer to Energy Philanthropy section. For private face-to-face workshops and booking prices varies on length, number of participants and location (Prices start from £50 p/h). For further details, please enquire directly.


Feeling like going away for a fully immersive transformation? Then a retreat is that perfect holiday, treat, gift for you, your loved ones, or as a team building exercise for your company. I’m often also a co-host, co-ordinator, or co-teacher with other professionals who I truly trust and resonate with. Watch this space and social media for offers. Retreat themes Energy Healings, Ascension and 5D New Earth, Embrace the Starseed Within, Learn Meditation, Create Abundance and Learn Manifestation, Balance Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy, Learn Angelic Reiki, Yoga and Sound Healing retreats, Pilates retreats, Mindfulness Retreats, Recharge, Vitality, New You, Transform Your Life Style and others themes. If you interested in a private retreat for your company, I can tailor this to suit any particular body-mind-soul objectives you have for your team. Location can be anywhere worldwide. For further details, please enquire directly.

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